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We work with companies in a wide variety of industries and sizes, tailoring our services in order to provide them with the best experience of working with a buyback company. We offer the best value for old technology alongside secure disposal or refurbishment that reduces its environmental impact. No matter what your company may need, we’ll make sure you receive the best ROI‌ from your old electronics.

K-12 Institutions

Most schools don’t have a plan for their old and outdated electronic devices – in fact, many schools aren’t entirely sure what to do with their old technology. That’s where Apex Buyback comes in. We’re here to help schools that are looking to save money, get rid of their old technology in responsible ways, improve classroom environments with new tech, and increase student success.


Security stakes are especially high in healthcare companies. If your data gets into the wrong hands in the process of upgrading, this could have consequences that include stolen IP, redoing clinical trials, lawsuits, and lost revenue. With Apex, you can rest assured that we handle and destroy the data in your devices according to NIST and ISO certification standards. Rest easy knowing that we’ll completely wipe your devices of all of your data and your proprietary formulas.


Here at Apex Buyback, our team of experienced professionals is ready and willing to help local, state, and federal government agencies get the best possible value for their old technology. We are NIST and ISO certified to handle data erasure so that your agency’s data cannot be obtained or used by any other individual or outside groups. Additionally, our team is practiced at developing offers that meet your needs as you look towards expanding.

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