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Are you constantly torn between EdTech budgets and classroom needs? CIOs across the country are discovering how our buybacks help beef up your budget securely, transparently and seamlessly

Minimum Price

Know the minimum price for every device before you sign anything


See detailed reports on how your devices are graded for condition


Leave the work to us with a complete pack-up and pick-up service

We specialize in popular student devices in any condition

Request an express estimate for:

HP Chomebooks
Dell Chomebooks
Lenovo Chomebooks
Acer Chomebooks

Uncompromising Safety

We proudly work with R2-certified facilities with rigorous standards in safe technology recycling, data privacy, wiping and workforce safety


Faster Cycles

With Apex as your buyback partner, you’ll see faster processing and payment so you can put all your focus into procurement


Highest Possible Revenue

Start with a guaranteed minimum quote, then receive our best possible estimate with a detailed report of how your devices were evaluated


Transparent Contracts

Walk into your next budget/procurement meeting with a simple and walk into your next budget/procurement meeting with a simple and transparent breakdown of benefits to share with your team


Personal Account Specialist

From your first inquiry, we match you with an account specialist who will personalize solutions for your district and your devices

Get more than a smart refresh cycle. Feel refreshed by the cycle too.

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